Sunday, December 9, 2012

Passion Continues

Finally I took the charge to blog after three years of gap. I do not know the reason but I am feeling really good and hopefully this could be new year resolution for me i.e; to continuing blogging. There are many more new things that i hope i will do it this coming year ahead say, writing my childhood memoir. This post for that matter is to know from my dear readers that what should a memoir like that include. I will be waiting for your opinions. Till then cya.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What can life give us.

Life is such a hard track.It is so strange that we walk on different paths with thousands of different people carrying thousands of ideas and creativities,but
still this world has something unique stored for each of us.Eventually there is
a one ultimate goal that life display to us when we least expect it.Life has its
own drama to perform no matter what we want.What i believe is that expectations
are enough but exceptions are few.Their is UNIVERSAL FORCE which is far more
powerful than our will and we cannot go beyond it.This FORCE is much smarter than
us in tracking every notion that come across our mind and it mesmerizes us

Thank You.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Passionate Dreams

Dream hard,dream with passion and
Allow your dreams to have a fascination.
Dreams costs nothing but gives lot many a thing.
Dreams that live forever gives exposure to my future endeavor.
They say dreams to be unreal which actually makes real mine appear surreal.
Though dreams are seen at night ,they make my visions bright under the sunlight with my Mr.Right.

I dream of a sprite with a white wine which gives me a flight on cloud nine.
Still i dream even if it gives me a midnight scream,
Because dreams need passion, not a reason of any fashion.
So,dream hard ,dream with passion and
Allow your dreams to have a fascination.